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Coadin BV is the company from wich I am working as HR interim professional. My strength is developping organizations and their employees. This can be in a proces of HR change management when an organization needs to because of changing requirements by its cliënts, commercial market, or the labourmarket regulations. Mostly this means a change in culture and organization of the company processes. Another way of developping organizations and their employees for me is developping and implement talentmanagement and talent development. In these processes it's my strength to facilitate the management and middle management in recognising and developping the talents of the team members.

I am available for interim assignements not only within The Netherlands but all over Europe.

Short description: Interim HRM, HR change management, talentmanagement, talentontwikkeling, MKB HRM innovatie,
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Telephone: 06-46635412
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Chamber of Commerce:: 09139103

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                      Als adviseur ondersteun ik MKB werkgevers in alle personeelszaken, inclusief digitale personeelsdossiers, arbeidsrecht en sociale zekerheid. Grote organisaties ondersteun ik als senior HRM interim manager in HR verander management, talent...