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Sijilmassa tours is a company Bassed in the south of morocco is a team that offers several presentations and services to help you preparing your own trek, Tours, expedition ... in Morocco.Either in the mountains or in Desert of Morocco.Our aim is to put into the real life style of the real Moroccans living in the mountains and discover the wonderful sites throughout the Whole atlas valleys and villages.

Short description: Sijilmassa (pronounced see-jill-moss-uh), a national historic site recognized by Morocco’s Ministry of Culture, was the fabled and ancient Berber capital of the Tafilalet Kingdom located at the n
Company address: sijilmassa
Slogan: speace
Postal Code: 52450
Telephone: +212670912536
Mobiele telefoon: +212670912536
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Skype username: sijilmassatours


Unique Selling Point: to know coltures
Chamber of Commerce:: sijilmassatours
Contact Person: sijilmassatours
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