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Most sales complete within 4 weeks... So if your fed up of waiting for your estate agent to sell your home? Why wait.... When you can complete your sale within a month!

Were not like most quick sale companies... We work with multiple buyers, to get you the best possible price.... These buyers are ready to go and we can get you an offer and sale agreed within 24 hrs!

You don't pay any fees with us, our service is free.... on top of this our buyers pay all legal & survey fees to buy your property... This could save you thousands alone compared to selling via an agent or with other quick sale companies!

Because we deal with lots of buyers, we work to get you the best offer we can. We will also send you a free guide on how to get the best offer when dealing with a quick sale company, when you fill in the free offer form to the right now...

Short description: Achieve Up To 10% More With Your Property Sale
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Company address: 34 S Molton St
Postal Code: W1K 5RG
Telephone: 01617310026
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