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* Four months experience with ISO9001, Quality Management procedures, requirements and R&D ownership. * Scrum idealist using User Stories on Rally as Project Owner with principles templates and theories on iteration, commitments and user tasks. * International affairs (immigration) internal medical procedures experience and case worker/interviewer. * Experience of leading release delivery through blended software development and QA teams from multiple organizations. * Familiarity with a recognized project management methodology. * Project Management and Scheduling for Software Configuration Management Automated Tools, Build Management, Defect/Bug Tracking Systems and Software Release Management (RDBM) experience. * Proven ability to adapt to changing environments while living most of my experience in North America. * In-depth understanding of Software Development Lifecycle as well as Software Configuration and Release Management, Product Ownership and Company Procedures. * Great seven years of QA experience and exposure as been part of the RDBM Configuration Management Department tasks. * Administrative tasks which will guarantee an organized, consistent, traceable and repeatable transfer of all software application products phases such as; item preparation, staging, compiling, packaging, notifying and archiving. * Ability to manage conflicting interests and manage changes as well as ability to multitask while adhering to strict deadlines in a fast-paced environment. * Disaster recovery process and technologies within Cloud environment mainly with 3Tera now CA (AppLogic v4.9). * Experience working with graphic, video, sound and text editing packages; none linear editing experience. * Comprehensive understanding of interactivity, the Web and emerging technologies relating to the web and new media. Setup/Configuration and Deployment with AppLogic OS on virtual applications, network and storage devices.

Short description: SAAS Cloud Computing
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