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The specialist in planning of online marketing, especially a social-media strategy, and execution support.
Our client companies exceeds 50 companies to the small and medium-sized enterprises which are competent from the famous major company in Japan.
At the present, the seminar about business practical use of LinkedIn, writing activities, and consulting are especially offered as a few LinkedIn experts in Japan.

Social Innovation , Social media marketing, facebook, LinkedIn, b2b marketing,lead generation, joint venture, apps...

Founder | LinkedIn Expert , Social Media Marketing Strategist,Social Innovator
Asian Linked Marketing

September 2011 – Present (1 year) Tokyo, Japan
I'm a LinkedIn Expert,Speaker & Social Media Marketing Consultant in Japan.

■My Goals
Most Awsome LinkedIn Expert in the World.
Most Interested Thougt Leader in the World.
Most Friendly LinkdIn Opne Networker in Japan.


Power to the People in Japan & WorldWide!

■My Clients
30+ Japanese Famous Companies.

■My Selling Point
・Soclal Media Strategy
・Social Media Marketing
・Lead Generations for B2B
・Speaker & Communication
・Sales & Marketing
・E-Commerce & Brand website
(300+japanese popular brands & companys)
・Facebook Pages
(50+japanese popular brands)
・LinkedIn Company Pages
・mixi pages(japanese)

■My own business
・B2B Seminar
(I'm a Speaker & Producer)
・Social Media Marketing Consulting
(for japanese famous companies)
・World Wide Soccer Contents License Biz
(for japanese platform. ex mobilecareere,isp,socialplatform..)
・World Wide Spiritual Contents License Biz
(for japanese platform. ex mobilecareere,isp,socialplatform..)
This position is associated with:

■Our Bisiness
・We Produce Internet Contents of Spiritual Talents.
(ex holoscope in the world...)
・We have many connections of contents deliverly networks in japan.
(ex Japanese Mobile Careere,ISP,Portal,SocialGamePlatforms...)

・TEDxKIDS@Chiyoda  Oct 28, 2012 (Sun.)
Team Members: Satoru Higuchi

・Japan Traditional Folk Houses|Kominka Project(古民家プロジェクト )
Japan Traditional Folk Houses|Kominka Project(古民家プロジェクト )|
We'll be sharing beautiful photos & clips of Japan Traditional Folk Houses. Join for more activities.

▼Facebook Group (English OK!!!)

▼Facebook Page


・Lean Startup Japan
・Community Management

Short description: LinkedIn Expert , SocialMediaProducer ,Small Innovation Architect , Founder
Company name
Company address: Yokohama-Shi,Japan
Postal Code: 2260029
Telephone: 819047458663
Mobile phone: 819047458663
Twitter account: satoruhiguchi


Unique Selling Point: Social Media Marketing, Innovation Architect
Company Revenue

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        Satoru Higuchi
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              Satoru Higuchi
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                • Satoru Higuchi
                  Satoru Higuchi published a news post Hi Everyone!
                  Hi Everyone!
                  I'm satoru at Asian Linked Marketing. I'm a Social Innovatior in Japan.
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                    Satoru Higuchi joined Centillien

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