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If you are looking for an offbeat career in the field of Beauty and Aesthetics, get yourself enrolled in the leading institute of Canada, Body Pro. We offer exclusive diploma and certificate courses in the field of Advanced Aesthetics, Nail Technology, Hairstyling, Makeup Artistry and Paramedical Aesthetics. Since we have a holistic approach, we give students hand-on practical training on the usage of various equipment along with theory. No wonder, most of the students of this institution have found a successful career option so far.

Short description: Body Pro, a premier beauty training institute based out of Canada has introduced a wide range of Diploma & Certificate programs in Advanced Aesthetics, Nail Technology, Hairstyling, Makeup Arti
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Company address: 8460 Torbram Road
Slogan: Welcome to Body Pro, Integrity. Higher Standards. Excellence - Our Promise to You
Postal Code: L6T 4M9
Telephone: 905.790.0037
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Contact Person: Donna Kalsey
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