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RUTUR TRAVEL SRL is a young and dynamic tourist services company, focused on the mode of active tourism, participatory and ecologically and also boasts all the services, programs and products in a traditional company.
Rutur founded in 2009 as a carrier and special trips company. For their dedication to service, its innovative and proactive attitude towards our clients, we have become a reference in the field. In late 2011, the company consolidates RUTUR TRAVEL SRL, a team comprised of young professionals and significant experience in the market, in order to enhance the company as a EVyT projection, growth and innovation.

Our name: commonly associated with "tourist routes", this word comes from the Mapuche dialect (natives of the central-southern Chile and southwestern Argentina).
Its meaning: "to be close ..." takes us back directly to our spirit, to be close you and with you very close cultural and natural beauties that are out there waiting ...

Welcome!, We invite you to surf a new road every day ...

Jorge E. Carlos César García Naretto G. Pontalti

Short description: Travel Agency, Incoming Argentina
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Company address: Dean Funes 1218, Alberdi
Telephone: 54 351 5649579

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