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We are the proffessional cleaning service providers located in Ajman . villa cleaning, flat cleaning, building cleaning, office cleaning, school cleaning, Hospital Cleaning, Water tank Cleaninig, drinking water storage tank cleaning, kitchen duct cleaning, fire damage repair cleaning, carpet shampooing, sofa shampooing, musjid cleaning, Interlock Cleaning, chute cleaning and all other cleaning in proffessional way in affordable to your time and budget. 

Short description: Maid services, Villa Cleaning, Flat Cleaning, Water Tank Cleaning,Kitchen Duct Cleaning
Company name
Company address: Nuamiya, Ajman
Slogan: cleanilness our motto
Postal Code: PB No.
Telephone: 0551280283
Mobile phone: 055-1280283


Unique Selling Point: UAE
Chamber of Commerce:: Sharjah
Contact Person: Abdul Rasheed
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