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Our point of difference is in our proactive approach to managing properties. Rather than reacting when something goes wrong, or your property becomes under-rented, we use our experience and systems to ensure opportunities are taken as soon as they arise, and that the property is actually managed to ensure minimal expenditure and maximum return. Our business strategy has resulted in specific investment in market-leading software systems which provide both owners and tenants with real-time access to property information. We show properties for rent twice weekly and on the weekends to maximise exposure. Our comprehensive application process provides the foundation for a successful tenancy.

Short description: At we are proud to offer the highest quality residential property management service across New Zealand, and we do it for no extra cost. We are an owner-operated company and look forward to working with you and your property.
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Company address: 211c Devon Street East
Postal Code: 4310
Telephone: +64 6 769 6199


Contact Person: hamish turner
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