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Bagatelle hosts globetrotters, neighbors, foodies, celebrities and tastemakers, providing a lively dining experience where guests can indulge in the restaurant's signature French Mediterranean dishes and fine selection of wines Champagnes. Bagatelle's patrons are treated to innovative and seasonal menu offerings from Chef Jung, as well as a menu of creative cocktails, inspired by the South of France. Adding to the overall ambiance, Bagatelle's signature music program features world-renowned DJs that will turn the dining rooms into an all day or night event, keeping guests entertained and enlivened for hours.

Short description: Bagatelle LA
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Company address: 755 N La Cienega Blvd
Postal Code: 90069
Telephone: 310-659-3900
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Skype username: remilaba


Contact Person: Remi Laba
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