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We sell the most advanced and reliable BGA Rework Station used for reworking and reballing BGA chips in Laptops , Desktops , Printers, Mobiles .

Our models are RE8500 and RE7500 . V D Intellisys is the most reliable supplier of all Laptop spare parts and Laptop repairing equipments like : DSO , DC Power Supply ,BGA chips , LCD Screens and many other products.

Short description: We are the largest and most reliable seller of bga rework station. We offer the best quality bga rework station which can be used for multiple purpose. Our machines are widely used across the country and the world.Browse its features.
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Telephone: 011-43464998
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Chamber of Commerce:: Computer Hardware

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      BGA Rework Station:RE8500   Features: Wide lower heating area (500mmx 450mm). Five channels thermocouple real time temperature reading. Process & profile analyzer for complete process study and control. Accurate temperature readings...


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      Price: 130000 (Rupees)

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