Branch «Agency of Regional Development» of the Odessa Regional Organization of the employers

Business description

Branch «Agency of Regional Development» of the Odessa Regional Organization of the Employers on the commercial basis is making various informative – analytical services. Our consulting services are:
- Authentic analytics, researches and reports regarding business climate and business activity in the city of Odessa, in the region of Odessa and including other regions of Ukraine.
- Different regional market researches and estimation of business ideas and projects for the investing in Odessa region and Ukraine.
- Strategic Planning and Growth of businesses, enterprises, cities and regions
- Small business and entrepreneurship guidance and assistance
- the adequate estimation of perspectives and potential power of business-projects, business quality of ideas and reputation of initiators and possible partners from Odessa region and Ukraine for the Ukrainian joint venture projects of yours.
- Searching for partners for the joint venture projects in Ukraine and abroad.
- Informative assistance and organizational guidance during your business visits in the city of Odessa and region of Odessa.
Just be advised that «Agency of Regional Development» is working now under the project of Interregional Trading House. Our main goals are:
1) Increasing of commodity turnover between regions of Ukraine
2)Increasing of export/import operations between regions of Ukraine and the world leading markets.
Branch «Agency of Regional Development» of the Odessa Regional Organization of the employers.

Why you ought to choose us? Because we have upscale reputation thanks to the business renommée of the Odessa Regional Organization of the Employers and our Federation of Employers of Ukraine. It means only real and useful guidance of your business interests amidst plenty of choices to gain money and we secure your money from fraudulent attempts to use it in false projects. All our reports and researches are based on exclusive data from any kind of governmental structures and administrations.
Director – Mr. Sergey Synyatynskyy
Contact person – Mr. Sergey Golubyev (english) - skype: sergey88615

fax +38 048 729 60 04
Also we are available on
Verbal communication, business correspondence and informational exchange are possible in English upon request. For the potential customers we are open to present for the familiarization the list of our exclusive analytics and reports upon request.

Short description: Informative – analytical services
Company address: Deribasovskaya 8
Slogan: Valuable information is the most precious
Postal Code: 65026
Telephone: +380487296004
Skype username: sergey88615

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