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  • Enterprise Architectuur
  • Mediation, gespecialiseerd in zakelijke en ICT conflicten
  • Coaching van CIO's
  • Coaching van architecten (Enterprise, Business, ICT)
  • Trainingen op het gebied van Agile (scrum), TOGAF, UML, BPMN
Short description: Consultancy, Coaching, Training and Mediation
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Address: Torenstraat 12-14
Slogan: growing enterprises
Postal Code: 9988 SP
Telephone: +31595741990
Mobile phone: +31611646567
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Twitter account: reflektis
Skype username: robvens
Unique Selling Point: enterprise architectuur die wérkt!
Chamber of Commerce: 02048888
Contact Person: Rob Vens
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      Or: don’t use the architecture Decision Log as a control mechanism. Tempting isn’t it? All those architecture decisions get logged there. Favourite pastime of the control-freak enterprise architect: review the logged items and write...
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        reflektis published a news post Grass-roots architecture governance
        Most people I work with think of architecture governance as something imposed upon the populace from above. They see architects operating from a kind of control tower: architectural guidelines and rules, constantly fighting to uphold the norms...
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          Sorry, this article has not been translated into English. The post Veel vragen, weinig krijgen – Computable first appeared on Reflektis.
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            reflektis published a news post Requirements Management and TOGAF
            … or any Enterprise Architecture framework. As you may know TOGAF puts Requirements Management in the centre of its ADM method: As one might expect, since this aspect of enterprise architecture is so prominently placed, it will be given a...
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              As in nature, as in society, as in business: it is a tough world out there. Only the strongest, fittest, best survive. You need to have talents, in terms of raw strength or in extrovertness or blind ambition. If not you will not make it in the...