About me
  • Enterprise Architectuur
  • Mediation, gespecialiseerd in zakelijke en ICT conflicten
  • Coaching van CIO's
  • Coaching van architecten (Enterprise, Business, ICT)
  • Trainingen op het gebied van Agile (scrum), TOGAF, UML, BPMN
Short description: Consultancy, Coaching, Training and Mediation
Company name
Company address: Torenstraat 12-14
Slogan: growing enterprises
Postal Code: 9988 SP
Telephone: +31595741990
Mobile phone: +31611646567
Twitter account: reflektis
Skype username: robvens


Unique Selling Point: enterprise architectuur die w√©rkt!
Chamber of Commerce:: 02048888
Contact Person: Rob Vens
Company Revenue

Services industry

Type of services organization
    • reflektis
      reflektis published a news post von Neumann, revisited
      Intel’s Bold Plan to Reinvent Computer Memory (and Keep It a Secret) We all read John von Neumann’s groundbreaking paper “First Draft of a Report on the EDVAC” back when it was published in 1945, did we not (just joking)?...
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        reflektis published a news post Computers are not about technology
        The main problem of the technological focus of computers is precisely that: that it is seen as a technology. Because of that, technologically savvy people are attracted to it, and arising problems in all areas of life are discussed within a...
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          reflektis published a news post The Live Domain
          Prompted by an old discussion on Reddit (link expired), kicked off by the question: “Please explain OOP to me in the language of a five year old”, I found myself musing on the reasons computing seems to stay stuck in the Middle Ages....
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            reflektis published a news post ArchiMate metamodel in UML
            This article gives you access to a complete representation of the ArchiMate standard (both the 2.1 and the 3.0), but in the format of a clickable and navigable model. The model is created using UML. This is not because I wanted to translate...
            • reflektis
              reflektis published a news post Architectural Styles and ReST
              Introduction In order to realize a consistent approach for all implementation projects a reference model/architecture is needed. Applying styles and patterns are indispensable. This document outlines a high-level application architecture that may...