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Pxljobs.com is India’s best and the only portfolio-driven creative hiring platform. The main goal of this fast-paced growing recruitment portal is to provide prosperous careers to the applicants in the creative domain and effective hiring platform for recruiters across areas and different industry verticals. We guide the employers to hire the creative talent that best suits their requirements. Our portal includes of an extensive portfolio bank of creative specialists from various spheres like UI/UX design, Gaming, Animation, Writing, Fashion, Photography, Web design,Graphic design and so on.

PxlJobs is an efficient customer-centered online recruitment portal where creative brains from different domains can showcase their portfolios. Using the features of our website, creative professionals can design their enriched portfolios to bring in potential employers. The user-friendly design of PxlJobs enables both the job-seekers and the employers to find related matching skills simply. We guide you to shape the road to a effective beginning of a successful career in the modern world.

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Short description: Pxljobs is a creative & Design job portal where Candidates and Recruiters can get connected and find their desired job and perfect candidate respectively in an extremely user-friendly way.
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Company address: HSR layout Bangalore
Slogan: My portfolio My job
Postal Code: 560102
Mobile phone: 8497011981
Personal or Company websitehttp://www.pxljobs.com/
Twitter account: https://twitter.com/PxlJobs


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