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Today stress has become an integral part of our lives. We encounter stress in our daily lives in the form of traffic jams, pollution, office politics, peer pressure, societal pressure, family expectations, marital demands etc.

Inability to meet this stress effectively leads to Stress, anxiety, Phobia, depression, emotional conflicts, personality problems and much more.

Glowworm Psychology Services addresses these issues effectively and helps one understand the incorrect thought processes, behavioural issues, temper tantrums etc. On the whole it provides an insight to one’s personality and guides them to become a better person, by working on their own strengths and accepting their weaknesses. By incorporating the various changes in their personality and thought processes they are better equipped to deal with the daily stressors of life.



Psychological assessments are undertaken to identify and measure the individual's-

  • Intelligence Assessment
  • Developmental Assessment
  • Neuropsychology Assessment
  • Learning Disability Assessment
  • School Related Issues Assessment
  • Personality / Behaviour Assessment
  • Job Related Issues Assessment
  • Aptitude Ability Assessment , and
  • Many More 

Practical Life

  • Talked 4300 Clients for I.Q , D.Q , Testing
  • 5250 Clients for Behavior Problem
  • 946 Clients for Depression /Suicidal thoughts
  • 3700 Clients for Psychiatric Disorder
  • 3250 Clients for Learning / Academic – Study Related Problem
  • 350 Clients for Marital or Pre-Marital / Couple Therapy
  • 3800 Adolescents Problems
  • 2350 Clients for career related Aptitude Testing and Guidance
  • 1300 Clients of Brain Injury for Cognitive and Neuropsychology Testing
  • Conducted Remedial Program for Learning Disability, Autism, Behavior problem, hyperactive children and MR
  • Covered 230 School, College, Hospital, Government Institute, Teachers, Parents, Adolescence for Different type of Workshop and Seminar

 Special Facilities for Special Ones
1) Psychological Testing :- I.Q, DQ, EQ, Aptitude ,Personality, Neuropsychological, Learning Disability, Autism, ADHD , Rorschach ,MMPI-2,MCMI-III,TAT,CAT, Many more.
2) Psychotherapy- CBT,RET, HYPNOSIS, Supporting ,Art, Play,Behavior Modification , Relaxation and many more.
3) Counselling and Guidance- Birth counselling, Child developmental , Child counselling ,Educational ,Career Guidance,Adolescence counselling,Marital pre-marital Counselling ,Sex Counselling, and many more.
4) Special program for Special Kids only- Training Program for Autism ,dyslexia ( Learning Disability)/ Slow Learners, ADHD and MR Students .....


Paper Published

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Paper Presentation

  1. 40th National Annual conference of Indian Association of Clinical psychologist NACIACP-2014 (SRM University) Chennai (28th -2nd March 2014) – Poster Presentation.
  2. Neurokrish –Neuropsychological Rehabilitation, Chennai (29th -31st Aug 2014) - Poster Presentation.
  3. National conference on Pediatric Education, NKP Salve institute of Medical Science & LHM, Nagpur (12th -14th Sep 2014) – Poster Presentation.
  4. X NAPCON, Nagpur Branch of Indian Academy of Pediatrics (29th- 30th Nov 2014) -Paper Presentation.
  5. National conference on “Mental Health Awareness” Rashtrasant Tukadoji Maharaj Nagpur University (30th -31st Dec 2014) - Paper Presentation.
  6. 4th International Conference on Psychology and Allied Science, Indian Association of Health, Research and Welfare, (16th -18th January 2016) GOA, Paper Presentation.
  7. International Conference on Solution Focused Practices (ICSFP-2016), ASFP-I,(21st -24th December 2016) Calicut. 

Training Program

  1. Association of Counsellors & Psychotherapists Nagpur Participated in “World Mental Health Day” (10th Oct 2013)
  2. National Institute for Empowerment of persons with Multiple Disabilities- Training Program on “Intellectual Screening, Behavioral Assessment & Management for children with MD”  (7th -9th Oct 2013)
  3. National Institute for the visually handicapped ,Uttarakhand “Orientation to International convention on the rights of person with Disabilities” (10th May 2014)
  4. NKP Salve Institute of Medical Science & RC Department of Paediatrics “Breast Feeding week” (1st -7th Aug 2014)
  5. National Institute for Empowerment of persons with Multiple Disabilities- Training Program on  Developmental Delay & Rehabilitation (25th -27th Feb 2015)
  6. Child Psychiatry Workshop 2017, A refresher course for psychiatrists by international faculty, Department of Psychiatry, N.K.P. Salve Institute of Medical Sciences ,Nagpur (11th -12th February 2017) 

With Regards 

Dr.Pankaj Singh 

Consulting Clinical/ Neuropsychologist 

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