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If you are looking for a company that provides the services like laser hair removal in Peterborough, the best place to contact is the ‘Premier Laser Clinics’. This Peterborough based company is one of the leading companies in the U.K. that provides such hair removal  services for men as well as women.

The highly qualified and skilled therapists have got several years of experience. They give the non surgical laser hair removal treatments with the high level of professionalism.

Short description: This clinic gives the best treatment for teeth whitening in Peterborough. They apply the gel which gets activates when a soft laser light is focused on it which releases the debris from the pores resulting into teeth whitening.
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Company address: 555 Lincoln road
Postal Code: PE1 2PB
Telephone: 001733567888
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Skype username: premierclinics


Contact Person: Premier Clinic
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