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Nishan Thakkar is CEO of Nishan Marketing Pvt Ltd. is Client Oriented Supplier and Distributor of PVC raw materials such as PVC resin, PVC compound, PVC heat stabilizer, CPVC, etc. This resin is prepared by our vendors using certified chemicals to guarantee of its quality assurance.

Short description: Nishant Marketing Is Leading Supplier and Distributor of Verity of PVC Resin in India.
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Company address: B-204, Krishna Complex, Off. S.G. Highway, Bodakdev, Ahmedabad,
Postal Code: 380054
Telephone: 7926873501
Mobile phone: 9377888801
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Unique Selling Point: India
Contact Person: Nishan Thakkar
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      Nishan Multi Trade is leading Supplier and Distributor of PVC Resin based at Ahmedabad. We offer PVC raw materials like PVC Compound, PVC Additives, CPVC, PVC Heat Stabilizers, DOP, CPVC Resin etc. Our PVC products are...
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