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New England Floor Sanding has been in the hardwood floor business for 28 years. We are professionals and pride ourselves on the excellent craftsmanship we provide to our customers. We offer discounts on large jobs for hardwood floor sanding in Nashua NH & Massachusetts areas and you will find that our hardwood floor sanding and hardwood floor installation prices can’t be beaten!

Short description: Working throughout the Massachusetts and New Hampshire installing and refinishing hardwood floor projects. has been in the hardwood floor business for 30 years and still works on all flooring projects.
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Company address: 27 Mckean Street
Slogan: New England Floor Sanding has been doing hardwood floor projects for over 30 years! We specialize in all hardwood floor Installations.
Postal Code: 03060
Telephone: 508-521-4101


Contact Person: Samuel Merkin
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