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We are a Dutch company, founded in 1998. We are based in the Netherlands and in Romania, where over 150 young academics develop business-process critical software to the highest quality standards. We employ experts and specialists in virtually every field: information analysis, architecture, engineering, integration, testing, migration, maintenance and support. We are specialists in the technologies, platforms and methods required for effective and efficient product development. We are ISO 9001 certified.

But what differentiates us from other offshore and nearshore companies is our expertise: an optimized and transparent software development process, fully adapted to your needs. The NetRom Offshore Development Framework (ODF) is the directly applicable embodiment of our expertise.

It is a collection of checklists and a sophisticated toolbox, assuring transparency, control and flexibility during the entire process. ODF includes such functionalities as instant messaging, conference calls, source-code management and exchange, online bug-tracking, document management systems, project management, et cetera. ODF is customized exactly to the policy and preferences of each customer’s organisation. On the basis of this specialism, it is our strength to develop complex products in strict compliance with crystal clear procedures and agreements.

Our clients include software suppliers and IT departments of companies across EMEA. They focus on the needs of their customers and they benefit from the NetRom expertise, which enables them to perform better in terms of quality, flexibility and price. While you retain control to the degree you wish, we provide guaranteed product quality and procedural efficiency. No Cure No Pay? Fixed Price Fixed Date? No problem! Make an appointment. NetRom Software makes it click!

Specialties: .Net, LAMP, Java, Mobile solutions, Fleet management solutions, Track 'n Trace solutions

Branches: Healthcare, Transport & Logisitcs, Mobile Solutions, Financial Services, Education & Science, Tourism, Business Services, Telecom, Media, Online Publishing & Online Retail

Short description: Dutch software company in Romania: Premium Nearshore software under favourable conditions!
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Company address: Hazeldonk 6006
Postal Code: 4836 LA
Telephone: 0031 - 76 - 54 20 740
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Twitter account: @NetRom_Software


Unique Selling Point: Clear communication, Process expertise, Flexible capacity, Offshore Development Framework, Nearshoring, Dutch management
Chamber of Commerce:: 20126119
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