with our little support and help we can change the life of some people who are in difficulties .so please try to help them orphane



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it's a non profit organization working after poor ,disable people and looking after's main objective is to give better life for those people who are lacking oppertunities due to many reason .so any people are interested than please you can contact me through mail or directely by call me.thank you.

Short description: IT's a social organization .Working after poor ,disable,orphane..etc people for the promotion of their life .We are woring after those people to promote their life style.
Slogan: education for all.
Postal Code: +977
Mobile phone: 9808477656


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                    THIS is a non profit social organization .Working[looking] after old age people and orphane child.With our littel help and support we can change the life of people.I'M working for that and I want you people help for this please help these...