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Business description

Cloc Works is a small IT team in Brazil, specialized in software and website development services using .NET technology. We work as a freelance team, as well as a contractor for local clients, developing software and website solutions that allow or improve their company's profitability and productivity.

Here are some feedback from previous customers:

"Excellent provider, highly competent and totally committed to providing exceptional quality even beyond our initial expectations. Highly recommend to anyone."
- Sandeep Sharma, CEO @ Syntax Research

"This is a consultant that makes Elance work. He did a a great job and is my first choice for future contracts. Highly recommended."
- Jason S.


Service Description

We are experts on delivering solutions on demand, and work only with .NET and Microsoft Office technologies. Following are the services we provide and related technologies:

> Software and Website Projects
- Services: System Analysis, Software and Web Development, Maintenance, Debug and Bugfixing, Code Improvement, and Testing and QA.
- Technologies:
-- Project Management: Scrum
-- Project Analysis: UML
-- Microsoft .NET Framework: Framework 4.0/4.5
-- Software Development: Windows Forms/WPF
-- Web Development: HTML5/MVC 4/ASP.NET/DevExpress/Ext/AJAX Toolkit/Javascript/jQuery/Json/XML/CSS/MetroUI/jQueryUI/Web Services/WCF
-- Programming Languages: C#/VB.NET/VB6/Linq/Lambda
-- ORM: NHibernate/Fluent NHibernate
-- Databases: Microsoft SQL Server 2005/2008/2012

> Database Projects
- Services: Database Modelling, Maintenance and Support
- Technologies:
-- Databases: Microsoft SQL Server 2005/2008/2012

> Microsoft Office Projects
- Services: Spreadsheet Design, Maintenance, Support, Macro Coding, Forms Design, Report and Dashboard Creation. Documentation, Project management and flowcharts
- Technologies:
-- Microsoft Office Suite: Word 2010/2013, Excel 2010/2013, Access 2010/2013, Project 2013, Visio 2013
-- Microsoft .NET Framework: Framework 4.0/4.5
-- Programming Languages: VBA/C#/VB.NET

Short description: ASP.NET | MVC | C# | VB.NET | jQuery | Excel
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Slogan: IT Consultancy & Software Development
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Twitter account: mteknight
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Unique Selling Point: Great software and website development services
Contact Person: Alexandre Fernandes
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