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Mesh Consults Limited is a Limited Liability Private Inquiry company that was incorporated on 16th March 2015 and established to address Investigative gaps on behalf of clients who require essential investigative services in their day-to-day lives and work and provide upscale Property Managementservices.

Our mission is to provide timely Private and/or Business Investigations services with a professional touch, and unmatched Property Management services and Business Consultancy services to our clients. We carry out covert inquiries for our clients, and discover and cross-check facts. We provide investigative, surveillance and research services to the public. Our clients include the Legal Profession, councils, and insurance companies, Government parastatals, Non-Governmental Organizations, Private companies and individuals. We are also hired by the Po-lice, where subjective investigation is required.

The duties of our agents vary according to the needs of our clients, and in the course of our trainings and work, we acquire a skill-set that can be applied across a number of fields. Our agents are responsible for investigating financial irregularities, in addition to repossessing materials from defaulters who have failed to make their payments. Banks employ us to find missing foreclosure clients, and people who have defaulted on their bills. In insurance companies, we investigate claims and uncover insurance frauds. 

Based on the market, and the background and training of the founders of Mesh Consults Limited, our proucts and services have been carefully determined as follows;

¨ Employment Screening and Background checks for employers and individuals.

¨ Skip Tracing– Locating persons and debtors

¨ Occupational Health and Safety Investigations

¨ Bounty Hunting

¨ Know Your Customer (KYC) services

¨ Company Surveys

¨ Corporate Investigations

¨ Property Management

¨ Risk/Threat Assessment & Management.

¨ Marital Investigations

¨ Due Diligence Investigations

¨ Process Serving

¨ Asset Searches

¨ Fraud investigations for companies and businesses.

¨ Child abuse and Child neglect investigations

¨ Surveillance and Counter surveillance

¨ Counter Intelligence/ Business Intelligence services

¨ Identity Theft

¨ CCTV, Spy cameras and other Biometrics installations, monitoring and maintenance.

¨ Security and Investigations Consultancy. At Mesh Consults Limited, each case is reviewed on an individual basis.

¨ Stolen property & Employee theft. A large percentage of stolen property is taken by the same criminals or rings. The cases of which we have so far recorded mostly lie in this category. We do tracking and re-covery of expensive gadgets like smart phones, laptops and any other stolen items.

¨ Research services. With the mandate of informing our clients, we do extensive and conclusive research in whichever sphere the client would want the research conducted. This can be for individuals, Private companies and corporations and government agencies.

We are open on the following days:

Mondays-Fridays 9:00 AM-6:00 PM

Saturdays and Public Holidays: On Appointment

Short description: Corporate & Private Investigators & Property Managers. Also unmatched Suppliers of Security Gadgets in Uganda: +256703743028
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Company address: Upper Mulago Hill
Postal Code: 256
Telephone: 0703743028
Mobile phone: 0703743028
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Twitter account: MeshConsults_Ltd.


Contact Person: Caleb Aluk
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