Business description is a hotels consolidator offering budget hotels in delhiCheap Hotels in KanpurBudget accommodation in JaipurLucknow and every major tourist destinations, cities and popular resorts trying to be most competitive on a key for the travel market, offering you the best prices on hotels and holiday packages across India and the world and makes planning and buying a holiday or a business trip easy and convenient.


Our current product offering consists of hotel rooms, vacation packages and will shortly be expanding our services to offer a wide array of travel products. We operate in multiple domains in assisting companies arrange corporate, MICE and leisure related trips, organizing vacations for Indian customers traveling within the country and also the inbound guests traveling to India.


The company well known for marketing highly innovative travel products has emerged as hotel and holiday distribution service provider with an in-depth travel information that attract thousands of travelers who use the same to plan and book their travel. Travel businesses such as hotels, tour operators and other industry giants too find our site an important medium to promote their offerings.

Short description: budget hotels in India
Company address: 16/28, padam singh marg, karol bagh
Slogan: service is our motto
Postal Code: 110005
Telephone: 919810068858
Mobile phone: 919235605005
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Unique Selling Point: we offer hand picked cheap hotels and travel solutions
Contact Person: vivek
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