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As a native of Anne Arundel County, Scott MacMullan is the owner and founder of Scott MacMullan Law, LLC. He focuses his practice on criminal and traffic law matters. Two preeminent judges have hired him. One judge was the former Administrative Judge for all of Anne Arundel County. This experience gives him a distinct perspective on the court system which benefits his clients in their results.

He is currently a member of the Maryland State Bar Association's Judicial Appointments Committee which recommends to Maryland's Governor who should and should not become a judge. Hire Scott MacMullan and he will use his experiences to help you get the best possible outcome for your case. Clients have described Scott as a "Dogged" and a "Superb Lawyer". "He is a no nonsense lawyer who doesn't play games."

Short description: attorney, criminal defense attorney
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Company address: 156 South St. Annapolis, MD
Postal Code: 21401
Telephone: 443-494-9775
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Contact Person: Scott MacMullan
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