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Lowveld Labour & HR Solutions (Pty) Ltd in partnership with Business Guardian (Pty) Ltd are Consultancy companies based in the Lowveld that offers a complete labour relations. human resource management and accountancy solutions tailored across different industries within all segments.

We have 3 incredible packages (SILVER, GOLD and PLATINUM) that are flexible and able to suit your exact business needs. Through our needs analysis we determine the best option for your budget.

Our personalized services leads towards building a trusted and long lasting relationship with our clients, this is of the utmost importance to us, these personalized yet effective services enable a greater understanding of your business, financial and its employment needs, which serves as the basic building blocks of core business functions that are vital to the success of any business. We are also registered with the South African Board of People Practices (SABPP), South African Institute of Professional Accountants (SAIPA) and South African Institute of Tax Practitioners (SAIT) ensuring competent and ethical Human Resource Management, Labour Practices and Financial Accounting regulated by Code of Ethics and Legislations.

Our job is to support the relationship between the employer and employee by providing:

Conflict Resolution, Disciplinary & Grievance Management, Transformation & Employment Equity, Employee Wellness, Industrial Relations; Quality - Governance & Risk Management, CCMA Representation, Performance Appraisals and much more.

Our approach is to be proactive; to anticipate and help you solve problems before they become major litigation or community relations issues. Offering all companies a cost-effective solution to having the full support of specialist HR Consultants who are willing to walk that extra mile. With full confidentiality in mind, we have a needs analysis to understand your businesses requirements such as:

Company policies and procedures, disciplinary actions, work skills planning, employment equity, training and development, Industrial Relations, on-call assist, payroll, site visits, chairing at hearings and appeals.

The owner and staff of Lowveld Labour & HR Solutions (Pty) Ltd as well as Business Guardian (Pty) Ltd have a deep passion for the various fields related to human resources, labour and accounting with years of business and management experience that will ensure you of the best professional and reliable services.

We are recognized and valued as an exclusive Labour, Accounting & HR Solutions partner for all Businesses Big or small no matter your industry.

We aim to build a strong and lasting relationship with our clients providing effective Labour, Accounting & HR solutions with the incorporation of various user-friendly Labour, Accounting & HR Management support systems with proven success over the years.

Join the Labour & HR Solutions company that offers you the best possible service and results within and around the Lowveld region.

Lowveld Labour & HR Solution (Pty) Ltd
Solutions that Serves you

Short description: Offering Labour Law and Human Resource services to all companies big or small within and around the Lowveld regions.
Slogan: Solutions that Serves you
Telephone: 0737061027
Mobile phone: 0737061027
Twitter account: https://twitter.com/LLHRSolutions
Skype username: https://www.linkedin.com/company/10927633


Unique Selling Point: We offer competent, skilled and professional services ensuring compliance to various legislations.
Contact Person: Alexsander Rost
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