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There are many parents nowadays who send their kids to child care centers. These centers are very informative and makes the child to learn different kind of things, activities at a very young age. These centers also make children ready for the school environment and surroundings. By the help of the internet, many centers who cater educational child care centers for youngsters. Therefore, the most reputable and a persistent child care center who has committed themselves in giving the finest services to the kids with maximum attention to them is reconciled as “University Preschool and Childcare Center”. The Little Bear Sparks NV focuses how to cooperate with other children and adults and how to be successful in future educational experiences.

Short description: An online school who provides fun related childcare fun activities in the utmost manner.
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Company address: Located on Pyramid, North of Victorian Square 502 Pyramid Way
Slogan: Early Childhood Education Program
Postal Code: 89431
Telephone: 775-358-4128
Mobile phone: 775-358-4128
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Skype username: Child care centers in Nevada


Unique Selling Point: Child care licensing in Nevada
Contact Person: Lorrie Casalta
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