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LBS are a high impact business development and consultancy agency working on a business to business basis.

With over 15 years experience, we have worked alongside SMEs to realize their dream of impacting and developing a target market with sustainable and achievable ambitions in mind.

Employing business developers for your business has some advantages, but in many cases the disadvantages in doing so can far outweigh the benefits.

By utilizing LBS you gain access to fully qualified and expert business developers with a proven track record of success.

* Data Provision

* Cold Calling

* Relationship Building

* Closing

* Data Cleansing

* Credit Control

* Sales Training

For your own peace of mind, there are no long term contracts, no staff costs, benefits, company cars, tax liabilities, telephone costs or other ancillary associated costs.

Corporate planning and control

It is important that your company does not adopt a 'go for it' attitude as this can lead to a critical mass situation. Working alongside you we will ensure all objectives are achievable and sustainable in order that you are not overwhelmed.

Avoiding a critical mass situation is equally as important to ensuring that your business has enough money because if you cannot deliver to your clients, they will turn to alternative suppliers.

Do a good thing to an individual, they tell one person; do a bad thing to an individual, they tell ten people.....

New Businesses / Start Ups

When undertaking your own business venture what will immediately become apparent are the costs associated with this. Whether you are opening a shop, or starting your own online business costs appear whether it is staffing or telephone costs. Our role is to ensure that costs are offset against company growth.

We can work alongside you to develop a safe and sound structure to your business ensuring you have a firm foundation for the future of your business.

Short description: B2B Business Development
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Company address: 6 The Rowans
Slogan: Maximizing Business Potential
Postal Code: LS13 1BD
Telephone: 07880 255143
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