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Kinomap is the open geolocated videos platform provided by ExcelLance, where users may share their travel videos, training videos, adventure videos etc., and that also along with moving maps. Isn't it cool? Check out more on for tons of geolocated videos uploaded by kinomap users and choose based on your needs. Also there are plenty of physical and navigational information for each video, making them quite handy for all purposes (training, navigational, GPS etc.) With the free online apps/tools provided for the Kinomap platform like Kinomap Maker, Kinomap Uploader, Kinomap Trainer etc. for your smart phone, tablet PC, the related tasks of shooting, uploading, downloading and using the geolocated videos become easier and at your finger tips. One can transform his smart phone and tablet PC to a powerful traveling and training companion. So why wait. Just use it to explore it by yourself!!!

Short description: Shoot, Share & Use geolocated videos for enhancing your travelling or training experiences
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Company address: 92, Place Saint Amé, Douai 59500 France
Postal Code: 59500
Telephone: +33.(0)
Mobile phone: +33.(0)
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Twitter account: @kinomap


Unique Selling Point: The first and the largest platform for hosting Geolocated Video
Chamber of Commerce:: France

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