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karl male masseur istanbul male masseur istanbul Style(s): tradionnal chinese massage, californian massage, swedish massage, foot massage, thai massage Hours: 08 am - 22 pm Fees: 100 € = 1 hour Contact: +905075958980 Description: My name is Karl , I am a professional masseur since 10 years,I have do my study in different country in Europe and China I speak English, French and Turkish, I can move to your home, office or hotel Monday to Sunday, The rate is 100 € per hour for the chinese massage (Tui-Na) for all body, if you desire the massage can be only in one part like your back or foot for example depend to where is your tension but I recommend always full body massage, it is not because it hurts shoulder that is absolutely wrong or we have more pain, it will of course after discution, just relax :) You can contact me Monday to Sunday for information or for an appointment Best Regards Karl

Short description: karl male masseur istanbul , chinese, relaxing, californian, swedish massage at home at hotel
Company address: karl masseur
Slogan: Probably the best masseur in town
Postal Code: 33000
Telephone: +905075958980
Mobile phone: +905075958980
Personal or Company websitehttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YmfI3eZVqec


Contact Person: karl
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