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hi, do you have any product you want to promote within the Nigerian Market from any where in the world? If yes, Jionyk Consult is the right group to consult. contact us on +2348063604423 or +234809312



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Our services include: Information consultancy, Library establishment and advisory services, book vendorship, free lance journalism, etc. We are also into Digital Design and Publishing (Web design,picture editing, digital photography, etc.).

Short description: Jionyk
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Company address: Gwagwalape, Nyanya
Slogan: Serving You Beyond the Norm
Postal Code: +234
Telephone: +234(0)8063604423
Mobile phone: +234(0)8063604423
Twitter account:
Skype username: emekaonyike


Unique Selling Point: We deliever on schedule
Contact Person: Mr. Onyike, Chukwuemeka
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      Social Media Marketing Strategy
      Basic steps for a social media strategy and how to interact with your targeted audience.

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      • Nepal Tour

        Nepal Trekking Equipment

        May 22, 2017 - Are you planning to Nepal Trekking?. The Nepal trekking packing list below is based on our personal trekking experience in Nepal and has taken a long time to compile. As the list is so long and detailed, we recommend bookmarking this page as a...
        • Anil Prajapati

          Sports Is A Wonderful Experience- Sandeep Marwah

          Sports Is A Wonderful Experience- Sandeep Marwah
          May 13, 2017 - New Delhi: Renowned media person and world record holder in sports visited the cricket ground of Ferozshah Kotla Stadium on the occasion of Viva IPL when Delhi was playing against Poona. “I am thrilled to see twenty thousand people in a...
          • Google

            The High Five: this week brings the heat

            May 12, 2017 - It’s a sweaty High Five this week, as things heat up at the FBI, in Montana and for an internet challenge. Here’s a look at a few of the of top trending Google searches from the week of May 8. Ya firedThis week, many in the U.S. were...
            • Google

              Bring your idea to life with G Suite

              May 12, 2017 - You know that feeling when you present on a project after working on it for too many months? It’s great. Perhaps the most gratifying part of wrapping a project (besides finally being done), is reflecting on how your idea came to be more than...
              • Anil Prajapati

                Sandeep Marwah Special Guest at Pandit Hari Sharma Award Function

                Sandeep Marwah Special Guest at Pandit Hari Sharma Award Function
                May 12, 2017 - New Delhi: “It is very important to honor and highlight all those journalist who have gone out of way not only to promote truthful journalism but to promote India as a brand and a country of high culture,” said Sandeep Marwah at a grand...
                • Anil Prajapati

                  Sandeep Marwah Spoke to Promote World Festival of Youth

                  Sandeep Marwah Spoke to Promote World Festival of Youth
                  May 11, 2017 - New Delhi: “We have 65 percent of the population in India as youth. India is one of the youngest countries of the World. There has to be a powerful participation from India to Russia for this year festival,” motivated Sandeep Marwah...
                  • Google

                    What is YouTube’s role in the music industry?

                    May 11, 2017 - The music industry is navigating a period of significant change. But while physical sales have been on the decline, advertising- and subscription-funded streaming have been a source of growth. In 2016 YouTube paid out over 1 billion USD to the...
                    • Google

                      Welcoming Owlchemy Labs to Google

                      May 10, 2017 - We care a lot about building and investing in compelling, high-quality, and interactive virtual reality experiences and have created many of our own—from YouTube, Street View, and Photos on Daydream to Google Earth VR and Tilt Brush. And, we...

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