Jeroen Vermeulen BVBA


Business description

I am Jeroen Vermeulen, freelance web developer. PHP, Perl, Javascript and AJAX among others, have no secrets for me. While programming Magento webshops, I continue where most web builders give up. That minimalizes the risk of future problems. I am creative, efficient and I have a structured way of working, what makes that you'll be able to concentrate on other things lightheartedly. Look without any obligation on for more information and my remaining contact info.

Short description: freelance PHP, Perl & Magento expert
Company name
Company address: Grachtstraat 12
Postal Code: 2470
Telephone: +32487573220
Mobile phone: +32487573220
Twitter account: jeroen_vm


Unique Selling Point: High quality solutions, future proof.
Chamber of Commerce:: 0824.074.188
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