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There’s no denying how curtains and rapes affects the décor of ones windows and doors and overall impact the room. A shabby looking window with unmatched curtains can bring down the look of a room no matter how much you spent on the décor. With more than 1500 samples of fine fabric, Nicole Draperies is the best in the business working with big names like Hunter Douglas, Shade O Matic, Maxwell, Joanne Fabrics, JAB, Stroheim and Roman and many more.

Short description: Nicole Draperies is one of the oldest names in the business of home decor and interior design community. Since 1982, we have maintained our general good standards in bringing together the best of f
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Company address: 170 Esna Park Drive
Slogan: Window Treatments – All Types, Shapes and Sizes!
Postal Code: L3R 1E3
Telephone: 905-475-1564
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Contact Person: Nicole Petcho
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