Infinite Well


Business description

We Work for Directors, Owners and/or Managers of Medium Sized (150-5000 staff), Internationally oriented, Businesses serving Organizations established in the Netherlands in Financial Industry, IT, Utilities, Manufacturing and Government.

We delivering Perspective, Action and Results, to bring You up to “PAR” in realizing what You Foresee by:
- Transforming / Re-Inventing Strategy, Finance, Markets, Employees and Vendors.
- Arranging Participations;
- Executing succession Buy Outs.

Result of our involvement is a profitable place in the Market for our customers.

Short description: Creating New Ways to Unexpectedly Beneficial Destinations
Company name
Company address: St Thersiastraat 30
Slogan: We Believe in Available Benefit and Opportunity in all situations, Individuality, Responsibility and Ownership, Wisdom and Transformation (Renewal of Essence).
Postal Code: 3762 CZ
Telephone: +31 35 8877 256
Mobile phone: +31 6 1929 3698
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Unique Selling Point: Creating New Ways to Unexpectedly Beneficial Destinations.
Chamber of Commerce:: 56156790
Contact Person: Klaas Loeve
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