i-Bis Corporation ltd.


Business description

Our vision is harnessing technology to fit your business model and adapt it with dynamics of rapid Information Technology growth. We closely work with our partners and clients putting us in the middle to find best possible solutions for you and your employees. Technology should be a business enabler and not a limitation, free yourself and your employees from all limitations. We are proud of our relationship with Apple.We are dedicated to leveraging Apple technology within your organization to provide you with a significant competitive edge. Our wide range of IT services will help your organization do more than just maintain your business – we will empower you to grow and prosper. Our focus on customer service revolves around our commitment to our work, attention to detail and a passion for exceeding expectations every time.

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Telephone: 64 4 831 1333
Mobile phone: 64 4 831 1333
Twitter account: follow_iBis


Chamber of Commerce:: 3475851
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