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Planning a wedding of your dream? Ellas Banquet Hall is all set to make your dreams come true. With a captivating ambiance coupled with elegant features, 24/7 service staff and a finest collection of lip-smacking delicacies, we can help you experience an event of your dream. Our huge experience, keen sense of styles and vibrant cuisine has made us the leaders in the industry. Call us to know more.

Short description: Captivate your audience in a dreamy ambience of Ellas Banquet Hall. We help you bring your special event into reality.
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Company address: 35 Danforth Road
Slogan: Ellas Banquet Hall, Toronto... making dreams come true since 1967
Postal Code: M1L 3W5
Telephone: 416-694-1194
Personal or Company websitehttp://www.ellas.com


Contact Person: Zabeta Dimacopoulos
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