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Holland Village Jakarta is a new project development in Cempaka Putih, Central Jakarta by Lippo Group. With the concept of Urban Central Living, Holland Village is the new modern mixed use development. Land area used will be 7 hectares with gross floor area around 350,000 sqm and project value of Rp. 5 Triliun.

Urban Living is a characterization of modern city life, full of living interaction and energy with complete facilities that compliment the qualityf of life at one place at Central Jakarta.

Holland Village Cempaka Putih has 9 in 1 integration concept which are :

1. Luxurius Holland Village Apartemen
2. Premium Holland Village Office Tower
3. Fashionable Shopping & Dinning
4. National Plus School
5. World Class Healthcare
6. World Class Hotel
7. Grand Ballroom
8. Green Lush Garden
9. Travel in Style A Helicopter.


Short description: Holland Village Jakarta - New superblock at Cempaka Putih Jakarta
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Company address: Cempaka Putih, Jakarta
Twitter account: https://twitter.com/hollandvillages


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