PitchCom Consulting and Partners


Developed a unique social networking capability for organisations, clubs, charities, fan bases, closed communities, alumni, professional bodies and business clubs who wish to enable their members to inter- act and communicate without losing control of their brand (or others to make money from it)  

Bespoke requirements tailored for, marketing capability as well as bespoke management support.

Platform drives better interactive communication and additional revenue models.

Empowers users. Better engagement with customers and supporters.

Short description: Bespoke Social Networking, Marketing and Business Consulting
Company address: Suite 6, Studio House, School Lane, Cookham, Berks, SL6 9QJ
Postal Code: SL6 9QJ
Telephone: 07711 056661
Mobile phone: 07711 056661
Skype username: gordon.donkin
Unique Selling Point: The power of PitchCom technology - (not previously thought of .. )
Contact Person: Gordon Donkin
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