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Our processes help you better utilization of time, money and resources. After all, we have extensive experience in providing various services to grow innovators. What drives us is our global culture of absolute quality in every project we do, along with integrity and accountability at all times. No wonder, with our services and solutions, our clients get to out perform the global competition. Global E Interactive customized solutions as per business requirements can be implemented quickly, immediately providing your customers with superior care at affordable cost. At Global E Interactive outbound call center services have specialization in Web Based Development, Lead generation services, Surveys, Debt Collection, Telemarketing Services, Insurance and Voice Broadcast Industries etc. Our Inbound call center Services offer appointment Scheduling, Order taking services, Call Center Customer Responses, Customer Service, Help Desk & Answering service, Virtual Assistance and many more India offers an exceptional talent pool skilled technically and professionally. India is centrally located and is the worlds largest democracy offering companies a supporting environment to operate. The multilingual culture helps in an open mind in working with International firms. Business will be able to save a lot of money and resources by outsourcing work to India. This helps organization in achieving economies of scale. Business can focus on their core areas while leaving the back office process to Global E Interactive.

Short description: Global E Interactive is a leading Outsourcing company, which provide all forum of outsourcing services. Among other services, it includes outbound and inbound call center services.
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Company address: No-302,Wing-B,sec-14,Plot-100,
Postal Code: 400709
Telephone: +91 8082406643
Mobile phone: +91 8082406643
Skype username: globaleinteractive


Unique Selling Point: Information Technology Service
Chamber of Commerce:: Information Technology Service
Contact Person: Aparna Lagachu
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