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This company had started 14 years back. extremely successful in proving a better life style for many people. Well we have millions of customers all over the world satisfied with our products and services. This is a E commerce company. So all our transactions happen through the internet and its not location specific.

Short description: The name of the company I am associated with is QI group of companies. Started by Dato Vijay Eshwaran.
Telephone: 9844882300

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      Hello, I am looking forward for people who are interested in being entrepreneurs. I have started my own business. any one interested let me know.
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        By Niagara Corp.

        I am Ribens and I got my own business. I am here to get a lot of partners in business. My business is located in Haiti, I sell haitian as well as international products such as, sandals, clothes, cell phones, softwares. pls visit my facebook page to know more.

        if you want, we can become partner each other.


        lets link up. i am interested.

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