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After through practices into the medical scienceit comes in vision a name-Dr. Rita Bakshi to have been fruitful to treatment of IVF and Surrogate Mother services in IndiaYes, she is all-hands into successfultreatments and surgeries for infertility. Attributed to meet with intended one to modern as well as infertility solutions such wide database of surrogate mothers, she at her IVF clinic in Delhi comes up at the very peak of success into deliverance of her medical solutions. With all the latest medical facilities, including on-site laboratories & theatres and a team of consultants and nursing staff with over 25 years of experience, she at IFC (Her IVF Clinic) finds her name common among world-class fertility experts.

Short description: Surrogate Mother in India and IVF Treatment in India and at IFC IVF Clinics New Delhi by Gestational Surrogacy India for Successful Affordable Cost Fertility Treatments.
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Company address: 26/18, LGF, West Patel Nagar, New Delhi, India
Postal Code: 110008
Telephone: +91-8447592299
Twitter account: GSurrogacy


Contact Person: Dr Rita Bakshi
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