Geeks 2 You - Tucson


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Tucson residents can call Geeks 2 You at 520-222-8000 for 

fast and professional computer repair service. Geeks 2 You 

provides customers with friendly and knowledgeable repair 

technicians at your home or business. Same-day service is 

available as well as emergency service. They are immediately 

ready to help.

Tucson area residents with computer problems can contact 

Geeks 2 You in Tucson for a free, no obligation phone quote 

for repairing your computer or managing your business 

computers. The company offers fast, onsite and remote 

service for repair jobs, in addition to providing 

subcontract IT support for businesses.

Short description: Geeks 2 You offers onsite and remote computer repair and IT consulting for the Tucson, AZ area.
Company name
Company address: 8629 N. Continental Links Dr, Tucson, AZ
Slogan: computer repair, IT consulting
Postal Code: 85743
Telephone: 520-222-8000


Contact Person: Geeks You
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