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Our gaaco-community based organisation is non political,non profit,non discriminative currently bearing the status of a community based  service organisation with the history in bundibugyo  and acentre of projects, for capacity building ,research and information communication technology only at airland rwandegeya village homestead for orphans and abused children.



gaaco-cbo was founded by godfrey agaba and co( community based individuals of  alinda family and kobusinge Lilian who came together and agreed upon to form an association called gaaco community based organisation meaning  godfrey agaba and community organisation( gaaco-cbo organisation)  aiming that helping the poor,disabled,disadvantageous,HIV victims,women empowerment on financial set free,famine and poverty eradication,water and sanitation support,child support rights,orphanage care,old and aged group support,fish pond making projects,blick and local craft art support and other children back to school policy support,marriage divorce and child abuse protection, vulnerable children,couselling and guidance to people with problems.gaaco started with only one project of women savings and credit scheme in one village where by we involved in the system of small loans locally and registered members could get money from groups and in the process the project has captured other villages,parishes and sub counties and we believe to reach other area if we recieve support from national and international donnors or supporters of cbos  that are doing such project and below is the area so far covered by our organisation tablel

        area of visit       groups formed      no of people in agroup  no of female/male  other areas of visit

  1. rwandegeya        03                              65                          46       19           bubandi,nsidira
  2. mitunda              02                              64                         38        26       butama,mirambi
  3. goone                 03                             65                          54        11       bunsegiya,lamia          
  4. ntobwe               02                             32                           24       08       njuule,
  5. ntgata
  6. bundijogya           01                             60                          47       13    hamutiti,mujigiti
  7. makogobere         01                              24                             18        06      bundibuga


the above is showing the areas we have so far visited and women,youth and project that have been created and other areas to be yet visited for further outreach




gaaco is an association-cbo( community based organisation)- NGO(non governmental organisation) which is there dealing and doing many activities like:-

encouraging savings and credit services among women and we have so far opened 12 women savings and credit financial set  free groups and they are operating in village areas of rwandegeya we have three (3) women groups namelly the abelunganiye women group the co-ordinator of this group is mr agaba godfrey the executive director of gaaco association,the secretary of this group is mr agaba godfrey,the chairman group is mr kuguma adolfu,the treasury group is mrs mbabazi restetuta,the money counter is mrs evaketti edward,the key holders we have three members who are -alice kwedima,-mbambu mariam,-scora byensi,and this group holds its meeting on sunday at 2:00pm every week.

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the second group in rwandegeya village we have twanzane women group the chairperson is mrs babyale christine,the secretary is mrs agness kabukarage,the treasurer is kabandaki fludence,the key holders are also three-mbabazi jane,-moreen kabasinguzi and faice taburyazi this group holds its meeting on tuesday at 4:00pm . and third women group is abamwi women group which is found in rwandegeya village,in mitunda village we have two(2) groups namely kwekamba women group is found  in mitunda village and it holds its meetings at muzee mubughe mark's home area and is the chairperson group,the secretary is mr agaba godfrey who is the co-rdinator of these groups because is the founder and has the ideas,and the community have trusted him as the co-ordinator of all the women groups,the treasurer of this group is mr biira merri the wife of mr mubughe mark the keyholders we have also three one is byabali evanisi,erena kabugyo and bukadeketa annet  this group holds its meeting on sunday at 7:00am.,

the second women group is also in the same village mitunda the chairman is mrs kosilata bubyaliye,secretary is mr mighando benezeri,treasurer is mrs beatrace mighando  ,in goone viilage we have (3) three groups one is kwehimukya-abeluganiye women group and this group since it started it has so far bought two big lands,two moto-cycles and every the day of sharing out their money they save for one year we buy one big cow for the day celebrations.this group is found in goone village with atotal number of members sixty five(65) women are  thirty nine(39) and men are twenty six(26) the last year the least member  got little amount of money equivalent to one hundred thousand uganda shillings according to her savings, the chairperson of this group is mr sekanambo vicent, the treasurer of this group is empowered and trusted by the group members and she is faithful by all members that is why this group has all the documents,constitution-bye-laws governing all the members like absentism fine is 500/=,late coming fine is 200/= noise making fine is 100/= late payment of loan given to you fine is 1000/= per week excended, savings goes from 1000/=  to 1,000,000 per week each member according to your own preferance of amount of money you want to save that day/ a week, social fund goes to only 500/= , interest per loan the percentage is 10% mening that a loan of 100,000/=  interest is 10,000/= , and this group which is in goone it has very many objectives and goals to do or follow ,the secretary is mr magezi jeremiar,the key holders we have members -kabarundi rosetti,victorina and kabugyo  this group holds its meeting on friday at 12:00pm . and the money counter we have ndimuya ferester and this group is the best in all the groups and


we are in need on supporters of this group which is atleast helping all members and they are not regreting ,every member is happy because of this groups  good fruits and goal-objectives it is trying to do and the co-ordinator mr agaba godfrey is appreciating this category of the women in this sector of savings and credit women financial set free group which is found goone mitunda parish  in ntagata village we are having also two (2) groups,in bundijogiya village we have one(1) group and in ntombwe we have only one (1) group ,all these groups are for women and we as the gaaco association we are targeting at all women should benefit in knowing how to save and make small business rather than basing on their husbands hence development and financial set free in their homes and families and community around the organisation operating areas of bundibugyo and uganda as whole.


the community based organisation(CBO) is there helping orphans like those children who lost their parents during ADF insugency and rebels who caused many families to break off in 1997 and 2001 in bundibugyo district these orphans are suffering alot because their both parents the mothers and fathers died during the bundibugyo war ADF attact.



the association is there to help these children who were affected during this rebel period in the district mostly in areas of butama,mirambi,nsidira, rwandegeya and parts of mitunda sub county in bundibugyo district. and disadvantageous groups of people in the community like the disabled, orphans,children with special problems,aged and old people (grand mothers and fathers above the age of 64 years) of about 65 to 85 years of age the association is also there to assist and take care and support in trying to look at these category of people and children who can not see, walk, talk, study and the company has also got one computer for orphanage goup to teach them and get entertained so as to be like other blessed children og uganda, . this association is also looking at the pregnant women-child HIV-AIDS victims.mostly women who are HIV aids positive and children who are in born baby with aids ,the association was founded by the executive Director mr.AGABA GODFREY and ALINDA family plus kobusinge lilian  to emphasise on this so that aids should be reduced in the community mostly training those who are affected not to make other people who are not affected to be affected that is gaacos goal and objective and we as the association we are looking for outside there to see any private individual or ngo or company to come and support us to overcome this problem of AIDS to be kicked out from the community mostly or especially out of bundibugyo and uganda as whole and the organisation as gaaco(godfrey agaba and community organisation we are trying to reduce poverty from the region,most homes and families they are not engaging in agriculture that is why poverty and famine is rapent in the region we as gaaco we have came up with some measures to train and sensitise these homes and families on how to avoid poverty and famine we are trying to educate people on how to cultivate homegardens food crops like vegatable ,tomatoes,cabbeges onions and making small businesses like kiosks,making mats, art crafts ,getting involved in local fish ponds at village level to get fish for foodand buying and carrying out small activities which can make these people and community around to earn aliving so as to reduce on poverty and famine .


we have enough volunteers who are training and sensitising these farmers and community and gaaco organisation is there to support all this activities ti continue operating in bundibugyo in areas of its preference and we as gaaco - association we are trying to buy cocoa from poor families and farmers so as to make them get money and we are buying both fresh and dry cocoa beans from poor farmers who cultivate cocoa as their cash crop we are training and encouraging these poor farmers to continue plant cocoa seed in their idle lands so as to get enough money to support their children continue going to school and  our community based organisation is still young  association in service but it has gained support in its areas of operation the poor cocoa farmers have been registered by the association and they are willing to sale their cocoa beans to the organisation and


the CBO has so far opened one cocoa store for its product, the association is there to help only poor farmers to be given the first periority in their service and the first class of farmers are going to be the last in buying and selling their cocoa to the gaaco cocoa stores and we are considering the fair trade poor farmers cocoa beans price meaning that,

we are targating these farmers to benefit alot from the association since the organisation is community based association and we shall be exporting cocoa beans which are organic at moisture 07 to outside countries and to the world market and we are hereby advertising to all ngos and supporting ,donor angencies to respond or start buying the idea of expoting gaaco products for the organisation to expand in future OR visit our website ltd bundibugyo p.o box 1113 bundibugyo and we are engaging in marriage counsiling and guidance among the families to reduce divorce in families, mostly this company is here supporting and traing and most of its agents are in the field guiding and counsiling disorganised and misunderstanding families between women and men who are married,young ladies-girls who go in for early sex and marriage before mature age and men-boys who are also involved in the system of early marriage causes high population,divorce,miscarriage,lady-girl-women delivery death, death rate going at high rate and we as the association we have come cross to revise this we are trying to reduce and train pregnant women on how and what causes this and the

CBO is also in the activity of reducing famine from families and we are encouraging agriculture of home gardening,field crops,and creating many food and cash crops so as to reduce on famine and poverty in homes and families for vegetable type of crops.gaaco is blessed with the number of community around it and the people are happy with the system gaaco has brought in the community in the areas of its operation and we are on website to see some of the activities the company is doing


and we as the company we will not regret for the services we are rendering to the community.our services are voluntarily community based since 2006 we have been in service training and making survey and doing all categories of work targeted in our fields mentioned above and we are looking forward to get connected to some other NGOS like NAADS and other ngos doing the same activities and having the goals and objectives and come and we serve the world and community as the world for God and my country.send your message on




we have aplan to open up orphanage school and resource centre for research and other project in future prospects of the association.

Short description: gaaco is a community based organisation,training volunteerily,wellfare,training women on savings and credit scheme,looking after,sponsorings,developments,improving,and making thecommunity enjoy the associations objective fruits
Company address: the organisation is found at airland homestead,rwandegeya,mitunda parish nduguto sub county bundibugyo uganda.
Slogan: we are the only in the field doing all those activities
Postal Code: p.o box 1113
Telephone: 256774198050 or e-mail
Mobile phone: 256774198050

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