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At Foundation Repair Dallas, we are dedicated to understanding and solving our client’s problems the best way possible.

Whether planning ahead or dealing with a disaster at hand, Helicon creates a clear plan of action and executes flawlessly to earn your confidence in our team and services. We are driven by a desire to be the best in our industry. In speed, safety, and quality we don’t just meet the standard, we set the standard and exceed our client’s expectations every step of the way. We extensively train and invest in our Foundation Repair Dallas team, equipping them with the state-of-the-art tools and expertise needed to execute a flawless and professional repair experience.

Dallas homeowners choose Foundation Repair Dallas because we are one of Dallas’s finest foundation repair companies. We provided award-winning services and warrantied solutions for foundation issues that range from bowing wall to sagging floor joists to sunken concrete slabs. We gained our foundation expertise from years of experience and training. Not only do we have the experience and expertise needed we also have a firm dedication to customer service. When you work with Foundation Repair Dallas expect us to be on time, to finish on schedule and to charge exactly what was agreed upon. We are proud of our work and back it up with extensive, written warranties. We are here to serve you by providing permanent foundation and concrete repairs.

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Company address: 13333 Midway Road
Postal Code: 80233
Telephone: (214) 571-4532


Contact Person: Tom Smith
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