Business description

I am an imaginative and innovative Prince 2 qualified professional with vast experience within Project Management and experience within IT dating back to the 1970’s. My knowledge of IT is not limited to a small rounded area but spreads over all components within the IT. I have worked in almost all functions within the IT. I have knowledge of both hardware and software. Moreover, I gained extensive experience within many industries in the Netherlands and beyond. This broad knowledge gives me almost a unique position and make me to perform almost everywhere within the IT. As implementation consultant, I acquired extensive experience of all business critical processes and can therefore properly subject leadership. I am a true bridge builder and can bring your IT and other departments together. I can ensure that processes are properly implemented. The collective knowledge of ERP, development and infrastructure makes me almost unique in the IT industry.

Short description: International Project management and consultancy in IT
Company name
Company address: Posbox 7219
Slogan: Bridge between IT and Business
Postal Code: 3280 AA
Telephone: +31 (0) 653365120
Mobile phone: +31653365120
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Skype username: folkertdj


Unique Selling Point: Broad knowledge as in development and ERP implementations world wide
Chamber of Commerce:: 24352951 te Rotterdam
Contact Person: Folkert de Jong
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