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Welcome to the DeVille Logotherapy Learning Center and Speakers Service. We provide world class individualized pragmatic career-enhancing online degrees in Logotherapy for students and professionals and in any career field requiring interpersonal knowledge plus deep self-awareness to assure consistent success and personal fulfillment. Viktor Frankl Logotherapy combined with Jard DeVille's concepts is the potent emerging multi-discipline approach that offers you the ethical virtues, positive attitudes, high expectations, mature beliefs and responsible choices which will make your life and career rewarding to yourself and significant to others. Design your own online degree program in Logotherapy, it will enhance the quality of your life by initiating personal transformation in love, labor and leadership.

Short description: Affordable online Logotherapy degrees, individualize yours and choose from leadership, personal, healing, family or faith Logotherapy majors.
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Unique Selling Point: These courses have proven so interesting and valuable that two decades of participants gave them an incredible 3.50 average approval rating.
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            PHILOSOPHICAL WISDOM -- Your double tiered approach toward both meaning and belonging gives you the ability to make the most valuable decisions, the wisest choices you can make, when and where they are needed in a wide variety of settings. EASE OF...
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