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Located under the streets around Monument, Feng Shui is a subterranean haven of sophisticated drinking and dining.

As the name suggests,the menu showcases Chinese cuisine that’s based on balance and using natural ingredients.

Each and every dish is prepared using the finest ingredients and traditional cooking techniques passed down
from generation to generation. Particular attention is paid to the balance of each dish – in terms of ingredients, spices, colours and presentation. Recipes have been taken from all over China and there is an extensive Dim Sum menu which can be enjoyed as starters or washed down with a cocktail or 2 in the lounge area.

Company address: 1a Pudding lane
Mobile phone: 0207 929 0068
Personal or Company websitehttp://www.fengshuidining.co.uk


Contact Person: fengshuidining
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         China has a cuisine that is highly diverse and is a harmonious integration of color, taste, shape and fine texture. Chinese cuisine is the most popular among all age groups no matter what country they belong to. People love saucy,...
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