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Exiime Finance & Solutions was established in 1998 with the belief that Creativity, Leadership and Innovation are found in a variety of entrepreneurs both serial entrepreneurs as well as first time business owners. We understand that our business is only as successful as the clients we serve, so we invest time, energy and capital so that our portfolio companies have a high probability of success.

Exiime Finance & Solutionss core business is delivering short-term debt financing to emerging growth and small cap publicly-traded companies. Unlike other venture debt providers, Exiime Finance & Solutions does not require companies to have private equity or angel investor endorsement.

Short description: Exiime Finance & Solutions has been playing a pioneering role in india providing Independent Financial Services with integrated comprehensive & Practical business solutions for ensuring continued growth & continuity of advisory practice.
Company address: 1st Floor,Ranjit Studio, Dadar East, Mumbai 400014
Mobile phone: +919323403089


Contact Person: Narendra Aherwar
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      Being Sucessful is a good feeling, But being a part of other sucess is a true achievment, and at exiime we believe in growing together. "SMALL ACTS WHEN MULTIPLY BY MILLIONS OF PEOPLE CAN TRANSFORM THE WORLD"
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