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The Orbital Technology In-situ Machining as the name Suggests can be unerstood as the process of machining the job at the site of installation without dismantling or transporting the same to the work shop. The prime difference is that generally in the work shop the job are catered to or received to the existing capacity and the designed process of the machines available in short the jobs are inspected to suit the machine available.

Short description: Engg is Coimbatore's leading provider of quality onsite machining services, Insitu Machining Repairs and Insitu Machining solutions for scheduled maintenance, construction and emergency repairs.
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Company address: The Orbital Technology, 26-A, Sowripalayam Road, Near Kannapiran Mills, Coimbatore-641 028. India.
Postal Code: 641028
Telephone: 9876543210
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Contact Person: The Orbital Technology
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