Lamb Design Studio


Business description
Short description: A new online store, bringing together style and craftsmanship in a carefully curated collection of beautifully products and accessories for you and your home. Luxurious in a pared back way, Lamb steers clear of flash and brash and favors brands with a unique design story. All of Lamb’s products are designed by master craftsmen and designers who share a passion for beautiful materials and design in a simple, timeless way. You will find a mix of traditional and modern accessories and objects that espouse the idyllic Nordic, Belgian, and French lifestyle. Lamb is also passionate about Irish design and has handpicked items from across the Irish craft scene that tell a unique story and will be heirlooms that our customers can treasure forever.
Company name
Company address: Brittas Bay, Wicklow, Ireland


Unique Selling Point: Where style, Craftmanship and Interiors Converge
Chamber of Commerce:: Dublin Chamber of Commerce
Contact Person: Emma Lynch
Company Revenue