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Descrição da empresa

Ecodinamic is Utku Group’s globally active brand in the field of air-conditioning. Continuing its undertaking and sales oriented activities in the air-conditioning sector since 2001, Utku Group has recently undergone a restructuring in 2012 and offers Turkey and the whole Globe the environment-friendly, high quality heat pump products under the brand name Ecodinamic.

Operating in the air-conditioning sector for more than a decade, Utku Group unceasingly pursues innovation by closely following global technological development through its visionary, mission-committed management and expert staff.

Following the ideal to manufacture its products in this sense, with an institutionalized structure and taking up customer satisfaction and quality as our mission, our company aims to uphold its responsibility to our business partners and nature and tirelessly continues its activities towards the objective to become the leading company in Turkey and in the world in the field of air-conditioning.

Short description: heating&cooling
Slogan: for future
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